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The Revolution is a rating community where you come to get your face and personality judged.
We at The Revolution are not going to say what percentage we rate looks vs the percentage we rate personality, because everyone rates differently.

How is The Revolution different from other rating communities?
- We're extremely relaxed and don't get uppity about dumb stuff.
- We want you to.
- We're an enjoyable group to be around.
- We're witty.
- We're pretty.
- We kick ass.
- We have an appreciation for sarcasm and bad puns.
- We pay money to accepted applicants!*

So, why are you just sitting there overdosing on fail? Join The Revolution now!

* Not applicable to residents of The Milky Way galaxy.
All cash incentives are roughly ⅞ of an American cent.

Now, onto the real information, shall we?

Main Page
Applicant Rules
Member Rules
Point System
Member Points
Point Rewards
Promotional Banners

Name: Ash
Age: 20
Location: Michigan
Birthday: 11/13/1987


All members listed in alphabetical order

Name: Emi
Age: 21
Location: Ohio
Birthday: 12/4/1986

Name: Rob
Age: 21
Location: Michigan
Birthday: 05071986

Name: Laura
Age: 19
Location: Michigan
Birthday: 09/13/1988


Make sure you read these-- ignorance is no excuse!

NOTE: A salute is a picture of you holding a sign that says your user name and a reference to this community or livejournal on it. Your hands have to be visible, and we will be able to tell if it's shopped, as we have seen many shops in our day. A salute is used to determine if those pictures are really of you.

1. You MUST apply within three days of joining. If you don't, the entire town will be after you with torches.
2. There are a few communities on LiveJournal where you should not apply if you can't handle rejection. This is one of them. If your nose is the size and shape of Tennessee, you'll hear about it. We don't want pussies.
3. You must be at least 16 years old when you apply. Not the day after. If you live on LiveJournal enough to want to join a community, you can wait a day.
4. If you get rejected, for shit's sake, don't have one of your friends apply and act like a jerkoff. It makes you both look stupid, and you should have more respect for your friends than to ask them to look like an ass for you.
5. Try to use proper spelling and grammar to the best of your abilities. If you can't spell or write a sentence that is a complete thought, your life may be in danger. That's not a threat. I'm just saying.
6. Don't post new entries or comment entries other than your application until you are stamped. You will know when you are stamped. It's not like we hired ninjas to do it..... Hey, that could be cool.
7. DO NOT screw with the formatting on the application. This is a test of intelligence.
8. Did you read the rules? If so, make your application subject "So What's It Gonna Be?"
9. DO NOT use rich text when filling out your application. You will break everything, and we will break you.
10. Try not to post pictures where you're making the same face, the same pose, where your face cannot be seen, or where you photoshopped your face to hell and back.. Example: You are permitted ONE kissy face, ONE mirror shot, ONE peace sign, ONE where you have so much hair in your face that we can't tell if you're a person or a Wookiee... etc.
11. Don't take sarcasm and douchery too seriously. Remember that we like to test your character.
12. Put some effort into your application. Too many people apply to rating communities, to be rated based on standards of intelligence and personality, and instead of trying they just give a half-ass toss at it. This community has a zero-tolerance policy against that, and so do most communities. If you do this, and you are caught before you change it, you will lose one "yes" vote. Oh, and we'll ridicule you harshly.
13. Please don't be a dildo if you get a "no". People that are members got voted in, odds are they got a no at some point, and if they are still here they probably weren't jerks about it.
14. If you are rejected, you can try to really wow us again in one week. Don't worry, we'll probably forget we didn't like you by then.
15. If you can't handle the heat, DO NOT DELETE YOUR APP. Your children will be born with dog heads if you do this. Also, ridicule.
16. Another "I-read-the-rules" test: Don't put pictures anywhere in your application except for the "Pictures" section.
17. If you join the community, you must apply within a week or be deleted.
18. Do not ask why you aren't stamped until it has been at least two days since the last vote on your application.
19. Another I-read-the-rules test: make the tag on your application "application".


These are also important if you plan on staying here.

1. Don't be afraid to say stupid, crazy shit. That's what friends are for.
2. Add this community to your friends. How can you be active if you don't?
3. When you make a post, use a relevant subject line. Also, include the amount of points. This is relevant to your interests. Undocumented points will be ignored.
4. In every entry, make your tag "member - [your username]". This helps keep track of points and it keeps shit looking nice.
5. Put long entries, big pictures, videos, etc. under a cut. If you don't know what a cut is, don't worry. We'll give you a cut.
6. Don't be openly racist, homophobic, etc. If you're a bigot, that isn't our problem, keep it to yourself.
7. Promotions are permissible. Just put them under a cut. Or you can promote in hey_its_ash's friend's-only post.
8. Speaking of promotions, we'd appreciate it if you kept a banner in your userinfo. Unless you're being stalked. We call that a personal problem.
9. Participate or we'll set you on fire.
10. To vote, simply put "Yes" or "No" in the subject line along with a real reason for your answer. Use complete sentences and complete thoughts.
11. If you are inactive without letting us know you are on "Hiatus" beforehand, and it lasts for more than two weeks, you will be deleted and you'll have to re-apply.
12. You must have 50 points at the end of each month or you will be deleted and will have to re-apply.
13. Basically, have a good time.
14. Remember not to get too pissed off if someone plays with you in a way you don't like. A lot of people are mean to and make fun of the people they like. If you don't like it, you should really consider getting used to it.


The Thorough Application
This application is pretty long, but it's fun.

The Short Application
It's short.


Due to the fact that we... don't have any members... there are no activities at the current time. Try suggesting some.


The point system is the way we keep track of whether or not you can stay in this community, whether you can use point rewards, etc. Check the Member's Points section below to see how many points you have this month.

Point Values:

Text Post: 10 points
Pictures Post: 15 points
Making a promotional banner for this community: 20 points
Having a promotional banner in your user info: 10 points for each month it's there
Referring a member (if they're accepted): 25 points
Referring a member (if they're rejected): 15 points
Being accepted the first time: 20 points
Being accepted the second time: 10 points
Being accepted the third or more time: 0 points
Being promoted to a mod: 40 points

More point values to be announced as activities and such are added to the community.


All users listed alphabetically.

June Points

hey_its_ash - 70 points
mistressemi - 20 points
rmasters83 - 20 points
shjh2448 - 20 points


These point rewards can be used if you, obviously, have the right amount of points. If you plan on using one, though, please note we will check to see if you're eligible. If you are not, we will delete your usage of the reward and you will lose all of your points.
To use the Auto Votes, simply copy the text in the box under the reward and paste it where you want to auto-vote someone. Don't forget to include your reason for using it, and don't accidentally use the wrong one, or the proper consequences will occur.

150 points
Use this if you REALLY want an applicant in the community. It is best to use this when it looks like they have a chance of not being accepted. If you use it when they're already basically in, that is what is referred to as "a waste". Your points will still be deducted.

I have auto-accepted you. Welcome to The Revolution!
I used my auto-accept on you because

300 points
Use this if you REALLY don't want an applicant in the community. It is best to use this when it looks like they have a chance of being accepted. If you use it when they're already basically screwed, well, that's a waste too.
IMPORTANT: Do NOT use this on someone unless you have a completely valid, sensible reason. If you use it on someone for a shitty reason, it will be deleted and you will still have spent your points.

I have auto-rejected you. Try again in one week.
I used my auto-reject on you because

One REAL American Dollar
100,000 points

I'm not even kidding. If you get 100,000 points I will personally give you a fucking dollar.


Promotion is vital to a community. Use one of these to represent the best community you've ever even heard of (this one). Also use them for the promotions required of you when you apply.

To use a banner, simply copy the text in the box under the banner of your choice and paste it wherever you want to promote.

· New rating community
· The best thing that's ever happened to you
Join thexrevolution now!

· New rating community
· The best thing that's ever happened to you
Join thexrevolution now!

· New rating community
· The best thing that's ever happened to you
Join thexrevolution now!


How to make a cut

Just copy the text in this box and paste it wherever you need a LiveJournal cut.

With a special link name:

Without a special link name:

thexrevolution is a rating community. It is not about or affliated with [The Artist Formerly Known As] Prince, although he is pretty damn awesome and may have inspired us just a bit.